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Xmas Tree Hauling by Xtracycle

Xmas Tree Hauling by Xtracycle, originally uploaded by xtracycleinc.

A holiday tale of hauling a Xmas tree by Xtracycle entitled “Biking in a Winter Wonderland”. Click to read full story in the Ottawa Citizen.
Photo (C)2007 Richard Guy Briggs and Shannon Lee Mannion

“A couple of summers ago, when Juergen offered to take me for a ride, I successfully refused. However, here we are, at the Christmas tree lot, and about to entrust one of the pivotal symbols of the season to this “LWB” (long-wheel-base) bicycle, so how can I refuse? I must show faith.

I grimace and Juergen counsels: “You straddle it like a horse,” indicating the plank behind him. “But don’t stand where the cargo goes.”

I am now precariously astride. I wonder where I should put my feet but with a lurch, we are mobile and I am too busy hanging on to ask.

I hadn’t thought of it as we circled the parking lot, but after dismounting I realize that the drag coefficient must’ve been something else. Yet there was no slipping of the tires on the snow-packed pavement as Juergen’s feet gripped the BMX pedals and he put his weight into moving mine.

“Carbide studs in the tires,” he explained with a wink. “This bike has electric assist but we didn’t need it.”

Our laughter has brought lot attendant Dan Simard from the small house trailer that is his December home. He tells us that this is his ninth year selling Christmas trees.
“Anyone ever come before on a bicycle?” I inquire. “Only him,” he says and points at Juergen. Gee, why does that not surprise me?

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