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About the Human Powered Vehicle Operators of Ottawa (HPVOoO) (H-P-Vous?)

Who are HPVOoO?

We are a loose affilation of cyclists based in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada's Capital), and share a love of recumbents, folding bikes, choppers, and perhaps just about any bike that might look a bit different.

We have set ourselves up to be a non-club, with no dues, no meetings, and not even any organized rides! We converse via the mailing list or on irc, and just look for opportunities to ride our bikes. Many of us are car-free, and use our steeds for transportation, moving stuff around, and also taking part in the odd parade or two. Several of us have become members of the non-profit incorporated Human Powered Transportation Association based in Brantford, Ontario.

A few of our gang almost always have their digital cameras on hand to record whatever happens, and our motto is "if there aren't any pictures then the event never happened!". You can check out our Events page to see what we've been up to.

To get a better sense, please have a visit to our history and events.

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